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Northgate Marketing, Inc. is a full service, one-stop shop marketing agency serving clients throughout the U.S. and the world. Our team is made up of graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, film-makers, audio engineers, writers, event managers, editors and producers with combined experience working in 6 continents. Everything we provide is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean. At the foundation of all that we do, we seek to give back, looking for creative ways to provide our professional services pro-bono or at reduced rates for non-profits and local and international causes. We think outside the box and push the boundaries in all of our marketing content in order for our clients to shine. Join us in the adventure of discovering your brand’s endless possibilities!

David Tracy

CEO / Director of Marketing

From: USA / Panama
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Marketing Strategy and Production

Ryan Reed


From: Des Moines, IA
Languages: English
Skills: Financial Planning & Management

Stacie Cordell

Director of Operations

From: Hot Springs, AR
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Operational Management & Content Translation

Daniel Johnston

Video Production

From: North Carolina
Languages: English
Skills: Creative/Artistic Direction, Strategy, Cinematography, Internal Culture Enthusiast

Philip Lin

Chief Business Development Officer for Asia

From: Taiwan
Languages: Mandarin, English
Skills: Business Development and Marketing Production

Drew Reuss

Administrative Services Officer

From: MN, USA, lives in New Zealand
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Video Production, Creative Direction

Nathaniel Tracy

Director of Video Production

From: USA / Panama
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Film Making

JoAnne Potter

Senior Content Writer

From: Richland Center, WI
Languages: English
Skills: Writing, Editing, Blogging

Kanoa Reid


From: HI, USA
Languages: English
Skills: Cinematography / Post Production

Valerie Wu

Media Design Specialist

From: Guam
Languages: English, Mandarin
Skills: Graphic Design and Product Design

Malena Toral

Social Media Communications Manager

From: Panama
Languages: Spanish, English
Skills: Social Media Community Management

Lily Wang

Photography Director

From: Shanghai, China
Languages: Mandarin, English
Skills: Professional Photography

Rodrigo Cisneros

Graphic Design/ Web Development

From: Mexico
Languages: Spanish, English
Skills: Graphic Design, Website Development, Branding

Selansia Crawford


From: Indonesia
Languages: Indonesian, English
Skills: Professional Photography

Lisi Fredriksen

Chief Business Development Officer for Europe

From: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch, German
Skills: Event Management and Office Administration