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Website Development

Website Development

In marketing, first impressions are everything. You may gain or lose a client by how your website looks and the information it provides. You would be surprised how out-dated your website may be. Our team of web developers are dedicated to your success by providing professional, user-friendly and up-to-date web design that is optimal for gaining trust with web visitors.

Concept Discovery

As a first step in our website development process we perform a discovery meeting in order to understand the website’s purpose, objectives, target demographics and the content needed in order to best present your company. We will also evaluate your branding style so that your website represents company’s aesthetic well.


In the next step we will develop a site map in which we will create a grid of the main menu, page structure, and key elements that each page will have. By doing this we are preparing for a user-friendly navigational system.


The next step is to create the look and feel of your website. We take into account your target demographic and design it in such a way that is most likely to draw them into your site. For your consideration, we may create a few prototype designs for your website which allows you to get a feel for how the final product will look and gives you the opportunity to give us valuable feedback early on.


This is where all of the research, planning and approved concepts become a reality and we begin to develop the actual website. We usually begin by creating the homepage and then a “template shell” for the other pages. We can then integrate your information throughout the website. As we value your regular feedback, we will make the website available to you throughout the development process.

Testing and Launch

One of the final steps before launch is for us to test the functionality of the website and test the viewing variations that exist between different browsers (Desktop, iPhone, Tablet etc.). We will tweak and adjust where needed and ensure that the site meets current web development standards.

Once this is all done we can upload and launch the website for public viewing. So exciting!


We suggest updating your website regularly with new content or products on a regular basis. This will incentivize repeat visitors to your site. We can provide you with relevant strategies to keep your site highly engaged. We may suggest some monthly maintenance packages for your consideration.