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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media is where potential clients spend most of their screen time and where businesses have the opportunity to have direct engagement with their followers. But let’s face it. Doing it right is time consuming and can be a little overwhelming. We are experts in crafting unique and breathtaking social media posts that work together cohesively while also grounded in strategy to produce the results your company wants. 


All studies show that in order to generate more followers, likes, and potential clients on social media, the posts need to be engaging, organic, and eye-catching. People tend to swipe over anything that looks like an ad or is too cookie-cutter.

Real People

Whereas many companies buy cheesy clip-art online for their social media, optimal effects in engaging people’s attention come from using real and raw images—real people doing real things. Good, quality photography of real people interacting with your product will keep the social media feed relevant and up-to-date.

Number of Posts

All studies show that in order to be relevant and to capture the attention of more followers, businesses should be posting at least 2-3 times a day. Our suggestion is 48 posts a month (twice a day, 6 times a week).

Regular Stories

Now-a-days social media users are more likely to post a story than a post. Stories are excellent ways to keep followers informed of the moment-by-moment happenings. We suggest posting at least 2 original content stories 6 days a week and to re-post any stories where your brand is mentioned or hash-tagged.

Instagram Focused

People go on social media to escape from their context for a bit, and to check in on what their friends and family are up. But on Instagram, they also tend to follow interests or hobbies. Twitter and Facebook have become widely political, whereas Instagram has managed to stay somewhat neutral, generating followers who just want to see quality images of what they most like, enjoy, or are interested in. The most followed Instagram accounts are those that stir the imagination and create an “out of this world” kind of appeal. Our social media campaigns are Instagram centered with overflow to the other social media platforms.

Target and Generate Followers

The content we create for social media will generate many followers from around the world. However, with the use of our social media analytics capacities we will be able to see what geographic areas and demographics have been most drawn to your social media pages. As such, we will target those counties and neighborhoods directly, by either positioning paid ads on Instagram and Facebook within those geographic areas, or by following and interacting with actual social media users who live in those communities. This has the potential of generating more followers from the people who are most likely to inquire about the services that your company has to offer. More followers entail higher engagement and increases the likelihood of new clients and new employees for your company.

Our team not only crafts unique and one-of-a-kind  social media campaigns for our clients, we create original content, manage comments and messages and target the type of clients you are most interested in. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you social media campaigns so that you can focus on running your business.