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It's All About The Cake!

Though much can be discovered and understood about your company already, we try to never assume anything. In order to get everything just right, we first conduct a series of questions regarding your brand’s values, personality, goals and objectives. This will enable us to present a cohesive branding personality and marketing strategy in whatever category of marketing that you request. Our discovery meeting should be with two or more members of your company who understand your values and personality well. This is also a time for us to listen to your ideas and concepts.

Values: The values are your core and baseline character. It’s the stuff that makes you stand out as a company to be trusted. Using cake as an analogy then the baked cake batter is the substance of who you are: Your values.

Personality: The icing and cake decorations are your personality. It’s what makes you stand out, and what causes people to initially pay attention to you. You’ve heard the saying: “People eat with their eyes first”. This is very true with marketing. If we want people to eat the cake it needs to look inviting.

However, if it doesn’t have substance (values), in other words it doesn’t taste good, then it won’t retain customers and it won’t get the word of mouth referrals.

Goals and Objectives: This is usually about growth, multiplication and longevity. Going back to the cake reference, then rather than just make one good cake, we find ways to make a hundred and then a thousand so that more people can eat what your company has to offer.

  • Brand Personality?
  • Brand Differentiators?
  • Company Specialities?
  • Unique Qualities?
  • Target Market?
  • Corporate Goals?
  • Branding No-No's?
  • Specific Requests?

Comparing Cakes

In order to help your brand (“your cake”) stand out, we also conduct a thorough competitor analysis of what your main competitors are doing across all digital marketing platforms. 

  • What makes them different?
  • What strategies are they using? 
  • What is their branding? 
  • How active are they on social media?
  • How up-to-date is their website? 

All of this and more in order to maximize your potential to shine brightest and draw the most attention.

Recipe For Success

Once we’ve had our discovery meeting and performed our competitor analysis we can begin to formulate a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy package just for you. We go through great detail to provide a well thought out and complete strategy that is the most likely to bring your brand the recognition that it deserves. 

Our strategy can include any of the services that our agency offers and can be adapted to your specific needs. 

Updated Website90%
Social Media Overhaul 100%
Stunning Photography 90%
Fresh New Look 90%