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Sarah Lee and Kara Dobelis Pohren have been nurses for a long time. They’re proud of that. Their careers not only satisfy them personally, but bring help to their patients in places where they need it most and often when they are most vulnerable. As a result, Sarah and Kara know that what they do every day makes a difference. But not always as much as they wanted. Even when Sarah became a Nurse Practitioner...
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Most people are content with one successful career. But then there are those for whom the next challenge holds special allure, for whom one risen star isn’t enough. That’s Dawn Trent. After becoming one of Dave Ramsey Ministries’ top salespeople, she knew she wanted to make a difference in another avenue – health insurance. The change was a big one, but timely. “I didn’t see the longevity of that lasting forever. I was thinking, ‘I’m...
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Words and music. Lots of folks consider them two things, apart from each other, halves that make a whole. But some people see them as one—the words themselves as music, beautiful and rhythmic, almost magic in their ability to bring forward image and idea, inseparable from song. One of those people of imagination is Stacie Cordell, Northgate’s Director of Operations.
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Dreams are delicate things—vibrant and compelling, but so easily lost. Sometimes, it seems that dreams belong almost exclusively to the young and, as time goes by, we lose the knack for them, leaving them behind bit by elusive bit. But Edgar and Melanie Rodriguez disagree. They spend their days realizing dreams—their own and their clients’--facilitating and encouraging with sensitivity and expertise, all the while living up to their business name: My Dream Home In Orlando....
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It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but most of us don’t know how or why that works. When we want to describe something, words are all we have and sometimes they just aren’t enough. Valerie Wu doesn’t have that problem. As a graphic artist, unspoken nonverbal communication is her bread and butter.  “There’s so much said that isn’t being said.  Words can go so far, and if you just add...
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